Welcome to, the Open Source CDN for technology enthusiasts. The platform is currently in private beta, contact ved.rviled@ofni for more information!

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Built for Developers was built with developers in mind. With, the only thing kept private is your data and keys to the infrastructure. Every function of the dashboard is exposed via the API and the entire codebase is open source.

Globally Distributed

There are currently ∞ PoPs across ∞ cities and with a presence in all 6 consumer-inhabited continents. (If you know of a datacenter in Antarctica, let me know!)

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Community Centric

While the code is written by one person (me!), the open source community plays a huge role in the CDN infrastructure. Special thanks to fosshost for their support and partnership in the project. Want to get involved? Feel free to send an email to ved.rviled@ofni or hop in #delivr on freenode and ask away!